Thursday, October 13, 2005

Our County and our tamales

When I moved to this county in 1977 there were only 9,000 people, now there are about 25,000. There also used to be very few Hispanics, so few that if a new kid showed up at school they were asked if Cindy was their mom.

Today at Target a lady walked up to Sarah and asked that very same question, "Is Cindy your mom?". It took her aback as usually that question was asked of Mexican-Americans. Then she was flattered to be recognized and associated with us as sometimes we are a source of um, shall we say, annoyance?.

It was Lily and Tony's teacher who literally recognized Sarah from these blogs. In her late teens Sarah briefly distanced herself from her uncool family while she was immersed in trendy town life. She's been back with a vengenance over the last several years. She and I have always been close with barely 19 years between us. Sarah lives down my dirt road and then through the woods. We are rarely apart and now she's gone to Virginia for a long weekend. She's also left me before to go to Europe, Jamaica and Venezuela. I've had similarly exotic jaunts my own El Paso, Corpus Cristie, Brownsville and San Antonio...each time to get more siblings for Sarah.

Sarah's gone but Carolina just came over with 33 tamales for us. Carolina is El Salvadoran so her tamales are different from the Mexican ones. I've never met a tamale I wouldn't fight for. They may very well be my favorite food. Yolie makes wonderful tamales also...twice in the last 14 years. Wonder can she take a hint? Yolie wraps hers in corn husks with more of a rich corn flavor while Carolina wraps hers in banana leaves and they seem to be moister.

I'm stuffing myself with Carolina's deliciosa tamales.

Our country and the nearby town has changed dramatically in the last decade. The Hispanic population came out of nowhere and is now maybe 25-30%. Signs are in Spanish everywhere and you hear Spanish at Wal-Mart, on the soccer fields and in town. I don't have time to go to town and sample the restaurants or go to the taquerias that are springing up but my daughters sure can cook some awesome tamales.