Friday, October 28, 2005

Senior Night For Cross Country

Edgar escorted me across the field leaving his brother Fabian with the camera. Fabian is up in the stands taking pictures of us as dots on the field.

When it was over Edgar came unglued at Fabian. Ok this kid is fresh from The Ranch and doing pretty dadgum good until he gets here and Edgar crawls him over a photo. So Fabian has us pose right there by the track, Edgar's mood goes south as pictured above. I remain goofy and unperturbed.

I, obviously, don't care a whit about the picture. I'm just proud of Edgar who is totally perturbed at Fabian.

The last straw for Edgar was when the red blur kid ran in front of us. I can't hold back my giggle and Fabian is just relieved that Edgar is aggravated with someone besides him.

Tomorrow ay 9 a.m. is Edgar's last cross country meet down at my old school where I worked for 13 years.

Some Bubbas and I are going to go and holler him on.