Monday, October 31, 2005

Wrong Poster Child

I am probably the worst poster child for adoption.

Who would want to be me? Who would want to do what i do? Who would want to go to IEPs, SSTs, meet with judges and lawyers and probation officers, go to psychiatric facilities, parent meetings, 25 dentists appointments twice a year plus twice more for follow-ups? 100 times to our dentist each year?

Nobody wants to cook for 25 people 3 times a day for decades on end nor smell bed-wetters, change diapers for strange children that you've just met nor be lied to and stole from until nothing is left. Nobody want to be lied about either. Puked on, pooped on, yelled at, house torn up, constant tension and strife.

Like the dog that bites the hand that feeds it, so often is the life of a parent who adopts older children who are nearly destroyed by the adults who came before.

BUT also people don't see the pure, unfiltered, unrestrained love that I eventually receive, nor the desperate, intense gratitude in kids who simply can't begin to express it. But it is written all over their faces and deep in their eyes.

There's no way to thank me for the work and the sacrifices anymore than I can ever begin to thank them for blessing and enriching my life in more ways than I ever expected. The love is staggering.

But, looking at me, no one wants to be me, to adopt one or one more. This is too tough.

There are other needs that people can fill. All the foster families need help, they need support and respite. They need people to financially help them or take their foster children on outings. There are way too many foster children who will never be adopted. That's bleak and unbearably true and it motivates me to work for Adopt America Network.

There are organizations that need donations, just pick one...any one. They need help and helpers.

School need adult volunteers for tutors. (I learned this today as it is MY kids that need the extra one-on-one help)Rec departments need coaches, churches need Sunday School teachers and youth group volunteers.

I've said it before and I'll copy him again. Zig Ziglar says to, "Find a need and fill it" in order to be happy. This I believe.