Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Allen's Mom

After I hit 'publish post' yesterday morning I jumped up and ran non-stop with my Mom, Sarah and Yolie as back-ups. Today will equally as hectic, but I thrive on a challenging schedule.

Getting groceries, cooking dinner, running to a doctor's appointment, and two soccer thing I knew I was hollering, "Bed-time!" and everyone was scampering to their respective beds.

Soccer was awesome last night. Scotty, hyperactive at best, may have found his calling. This is his first year to play and he remained focused and powerful throughout the game, always looking to where we were sitting each time he kicked the ball hard. Our family is vocal, positive and very loud.

Cristy, Edgar, Vanessa, Sonny and I comprised the upper tier of loudmouths. Paloma, Jonathan and Jojo all on the same team with Scotty, were marvelous, the game was tied 1-1, with Paloma being the one to score. Her very natural aggression is fearful to behold on the field.

Next game, hauling our chairs to the other field, Edgar had brought gatorades for the kids, and we settled in to watch CW, Allen, Sabrina, Chuy, Jose and Tony join their equally as physical teammates to produce a game in which I could hardly remain seated throughout.

I want a shirt that says, "Allen's Mom" on it, that child is stupendous, he looks like a short, professional soccer player as he feints, kicks the ball with ease the length of the field, past all the kids were assigned to stay on him to prevent him from scoring. On one move, he and Chuy totally faked out everyone and Allen scored, three other times he either kicked to the side from an impossible angle or simply kicked through everyone.

Their coach is extremely loud and emotional, kinda like me actually, he threw himself on the ground and pounded the dirt with his fists, screamed, hollered and yelled...but produced a winning event. He's volatile even at practice, the kids are learning a lot from him, a very admirable man; I've seen him during previous seasons intently watching my kids, then his competition, now his team.

Chuy had quoted their coach, "we play with our brains not our bodies," in the van, Allen used both and the game was incredible. When we picked up Miriam and Joey later from McDonalds, Edgar verbally detailed it all for Miriam who beamed with pride at being kin to Allen. I wish Fabian could have seen it.

Fabian called me yesterday and is doing very well at YDC. His therapist there told me that if it were a grading system, he'd earn an A. Hey, I can be just as proud of him for succeeding there as I could be if it were school. That's my point son, make me proud.

I'd been printing out blogs and sending them to him, he's two hours away, he feels like he's on an alternate planet, he told me he'd memorized every word, please keep sending them. Homesick to the max, using this time in a positive manner...dare I hope that this was hitting the bottom? That he could be on the way up now after over six years?

Yolie'd been reading Adele's posts, went to the one about over-indulged birthday parties, and she was here yesterday while my children were sharing soccer socks and shin guards, swapping between games, yet my scrappy kids were out there to win not to be fashion plates, not realizing that they didn't have Nike equipment and other name brand stuff.

This picture was taken by Ms. Carr when she took CW, Chuy and Memaw to a UGA museum a couple of weeks ago. They'd come home, spilling details over all they'd seen, Ms. Carr's husband looked exhausted from the over-exuberance exploding from each child. We were up at the pool where the explosive horseplay is kicked up forty notches at best...certainly not for the faint-hearted. Ms. Carr is used to it.