Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dubby's Going To Be An Uncle Again

CW, sitting here between Chuy and Allen, yesterday was supposed to be involved in his 30 minutes of after school reading time.

The Bubbas come in from school, peel off their clothes and strow them all over the house, and then fidgit versus reading.

CW has been living in this house all his life. The only trauma he's experienced is what different children have brought here with them.

Yolie was 11 when she moved in with us, 15 years ago. She was hardened by life, a parentified child, deeply worried, concerned and overly anxious about every aspect of Joe and Daniel's lives.

Compare that with a very goofy, fun-loving CW who will be 11 his own self around the time that Yolie delivers CJ's sibling.....

I'd texted Edgar yesterday when I first found out that he'd be a tio otra vez, he'd immediately texted me back, "Yolie?"

That'll be right before CJ's second birthday.

Congratulations mi hija!

And speaking of Edgar, I'm thinking Sarah remains astonished at the amount of emotional neediness and demands put on me by him. Jesse, Joe, Sergi. Sonny and Daniel all put together were not this clingy at all...but they'd all had me as their mom for longer.