Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Eating 1000 Tomatoes

My mind gets snagged on the oddest things at times. I chopped up 10 tomatoes, a cucumber, several banana peppers and bell peppers around nine last night for a before bed snack and I got to thinking...if I eat about 10 tomatoes a day, and I usually eat more than that, for 100 days of their production, which is usually late June-ish until frost, I've easily eaten 1000 chemical free, vitamin rich tomatoes. Now that's living.

But it's something that 11 year old, just started middle school, Jose, is choosing not to do...live right. Another rage at the pool, over nothing, I'm certain he's remembering my poor choice the other night to totally lose it in a screaming fit of unappreciation, after he got a grip, he asked me outright, "Why haven't you quit on me?"

Again angry, I thought about a non smarta$% answer, which took me a few minutes as that is where my mind went but, for once, my big mouth didn't betray me.

"I'm not a quitter son, it's an ego thing I reckon."

Apparently satisfied he asked if he could get out of time-out, to which I made him apologize and acknowledge which cruddy behaviors he had recently presented to our family. Crisis averted for now.

I decided yesterday morning that if we all put our knotty heads together, why couldn't 25 of us outsmart 19 hens, a rooster, a goose and a guinea? Sonny came over, I deputized him foreman, and we all got to work dismantling the original fencing, reduced it by half, and covered it all with poultry netting which took us from morning until nearly dark last night. Then we had to catch the wily birds.

My five dogs set to barking their heads off at one point so Martin ran around the front of the house to investigate. Dr. G, looking for all the world like Vin Diesel, had ridden up on his new mid-life crisis motorcycle, impressing the royal snot out of my entire family. Dr G's stock grew a thousand fold here, and he even had a Come to Jesus meeting with Gito, who's fighting depression, but this is doubly interesting coming from a New York Jewish Phillies fan...all irony aside, this is why my entire family loves Dr. G. The kids tell him all sorts of things which he does not then divulge to me, which is as it should be.

McDonalds, at first reluctant to hire two siblings, has come to know that they can call us at anytime and get two employees when everyone else does not show up, which happened once again yesterday on their day off. I'd sent Joey and Edgar already to buy us another 6 gallons of milk, a quart of soy yogurt, and their kind of ice cream while Sonny had run to Lowe's for me. I was bound and determined to be able to work all day outside, picking cantaloupes, and pruning non-producing plants.

If I leave, there's too much turmoil, it's easier for me to send the older boys.