Saturday, September 23, 2006

An Event Today I've Dreaded

I'm utterly appreciative of the fact that these are two drama-less boys at all times. Martin's three birth siblings are riddled with severe issues, Martin is not. Staggering when one considers this is Joey's half-brother.

Joey got a second chance at McDonalds last night, but blew that also. I took him to work at 5:30 this morning only to have to take him back home again, second suspension. "OK son, let's think about this, trying life your way, being hateful, rude and disrespectful to your employer, your mom, deputies, probation officer or school personnel hasn't gotten you anywhere, why not try and act right? Just see where it gets you?"

A blank response.

Joey claims his manager is racist and he actually told her that. Good move slick. I don't care if she's a Nazi, she pays you to do what she says. He claimed I don't understand, what with me being a white woman and all that.

Hmmm, two African-American grandchildren, you think I don't get mean stares sometimes at Wal-Mart? Living in a totally Mexican family I must have no idea about people's racial intolerance? Get real son, we can't control what other people think, only our own reactions to that. I choose to not react to people who think negatively about our family. Don't even get me started....

At 5:30 on a Saturday morning Bubbas were scrambling for shin guards and soccer cleats even though I pointed out they had another 5 hours before practice.

The high drama here continues and I'll blog later today after I physically make myself take the high road and do the right thing. Reading Adele's blog today also shamed me into doing that which is going to be difficult for me to do. This upcoming event today has been a source of dread, Sergi is angry and disappointed and I'm not thrilled either. I feel a bitter blog emerging from within later.

Sergi wanted to talk to me in my office, the pantry, late last night. Squabbling with an older birth sister, she used cutting, mean words and made a grown man cry. He vented his ire to me, I totally understand his position, but I offered Alternate Plans B, C & D. He chose to leave here and spend the weekend at Joe's house, they've been brothers for 15 years now, emotionally super bonded. It's interesting now, to think about it, Joe offers Sergi a massive amount of emotional stability and unconditional love. Jesse did, and does the same, but he is stationed in Virginia and has a lovely wife. His responsibility now is to her, as it should be.

My boys, who had unloaded their horrific experiences yesterday, came home bubbly and excited, the older one used the words 'relieved and happy' to describe how he felt. Edgar, Vanessa and some other older children read the blog entry yesterday and were subdued, Yolie was crying, and Sarah was inquisitory.

Eating what might quite possibly be the last garden cantaloupe, I was thinking about the source(s) of traumas represented in our family. No wonder my house is taking a beating. This is why I do not watch television dramas, I need drama relief, that's what baseball is for, the playoffs especially.