Saturday, September 02, 2006


I'm certain, at this point, that I'm in the right house. That point was hammered into my head last night, amidst screams of, "I hate you!" while I was standing in a pile of broken glass that used to be the umbrella table by the pool.

Once again, one of Jose's birth sibs was stopped from attacking someone and dissolved into screams of rage. Thankfully Sonny was with us at the pool as it often takes several strong family members to restrain somene from hurting someone else.

This time however it was my Gifted son, Chuy, fighting against a bigger, stronger, taller and heavier Jose over a totally broken toy anyway. As always, a pointless disagreement, but duh, that is never the point. Then Jose didn't want Sonny to restrain Chuy, so Jose lost it emotionally as well. Chuy'd, by then, kicked the glass table top which shattered loudly and violently.

We'd had a great late afternoon of swimmimg, quick leftovers for supper, jump in the pool, and celebrate three days off from school due to Labor Day. I'd taken these pictures earlier as the Bubbas had tried several times to coordinate a group jump.

Much as I'd liked to have taken pictures of the chaos, it's kinda difficult to use a camera, protect children from theselves, and tend to the others at the same time. Like, at that moment, I'd even thought about the camera?

Joey and Miriam were at work, Vanessa had headed off to a high school football game, Edgar was taking a nap because, "Mom wore me out," as he'd explained to the others, since we'd spent the entire day together running errands and tending to stuff.

JoJo also decided to have a conniption fit over nothing, had to sit in time-out until he could apologize for being disrespectful, rude and ugly-acting. He finally calmed down, and made his amends, but I then pushed him to say, "I love you forever my kind and gracious mama," which caused him to crack up laughing, thus improving his spirits greatly. He complied and went giggling away to tell Allen about Mama's latest goofiness.

Chuy however was unreachable. Knowing he'd crossed a line, instantly regretting his impulsivity, but knowing he couldn't unbreak a table, he was at a loss. He skulked and sulked, cried and glared at everyone, wouldn't talk to any of his sibs, and angrily went to his room.

Anger management is an obvious issue here. I, however, didn't hit, spank, nor touch Chuy in any way. Though he was hardly listening to me, and I was clearly furious, I pointed out that he was fortunate that I could control myself. There were a lot of homes where someone would have taken a belt to him and beat the hell out of him for that. I apologized later for using that cuss word. 18 kids were watching wide-eyed, wondering what Mama was gonna do. Gito fetched the broom and a bucket, and we commenced to cleaning it all up.

We're fixing to have a 'Come To Jesus' meeting this morning, he's the only Bubba not yet out of bed. He knows he has to face me and we have to discuss what happened. I know he dreads dealing with his shame over how he acted last night. But he's gotta learn that is unacceptable behavior.