Friday, October 20, 2006

Detroit vs St. Louis

I just saw that I had a reader from Detroit. Wonder if they heard me hollering this morning about the World Series? Who'd have thunk it? No Braves, no Yankees and no Mets? Game 7 last night of the NLCS...bye bye Mets. I lost a critical week of my baseball life certainly while hospitalized. The morphine took over the playoffs in my mind.

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Christine said...

I heard you hollering Big Mamma :-)
I can't believe the Tigers are actually in the World Series, the last time they won in 1984 I was a little kid. I'm really excited because even if they don't win it's still amazing that they have gotten so far after playing dismally for so many years. I guess it just shows that never count an individual or a team out, they can always surprise you and come from behind and make a success :) Hope you are feeling much better tonight.

-Christine in MI