Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Just Like a Man

"It's not the close quarters that could make me snap, it's just dealing with the daily unadulterated crap." Profound words from Jimmy Buffet that are reverberating within my skull this morning, quite different from the country gospel foot-stomping melody I usually hear from within, but it kinda matches my mood.

Grandma copes with worry by cleaning so she made the kitchen refrigerator sparkling clean as opposed to the other 4 in the garage and the laundry room, three actually as one of the old garage refrigerators expired. You get what you pay for...ten bucks at a yard sale but it lasted several years.

Last night at soccer I had on my new 25 cents pair of jeans that Edgar complained were so tight he could see the nickel in my pocket so he yelped, "dad burn it mama, I thought you said we were broke!"

They weren't even tight, he just needed to dog me about something. Ms Carr gets there and he pours on the charm.