Saturday, October 07, 2006

McDonad's Morning Run

Edgar and Joey were waiting on me to get my slow rear end out of bed this morning at 5:30, even Miriam was dressed and ready for work. Pumping gas at 5:55 in the morning, thinking about yard sales, planning the rest of my day; once again I'm waiting for the sun to come up. Edgar pumped actually, allowing me to muse idly in the car, gulping coffee.

I can blog as quick as some people can go number two in the bathroom, and often it feels the same...the 'get it out of one's system' syndrome. Unlike Claudia, I didn't flush my cell phone.

Type it out, hit publish, attack the day with its many challenges that I know are heading my way.

I'm facing some severe ones that I'm not ready to blog about yet, but I'm hardly sleeping, nor eating, for worrying too much. Duh, that's the time to go to God in prayer, yet I'm feeling spiritually paralyzed. I kinda pray all day anyway, muttering under my breath, trying to think in tandem with God, looking for guidance, as I often find myself stumbling through life, hacking away at the entangling proverbial vines, speculating, marveling and constantly learning lessons that any other less hard-headed person would have already known.

After Tony's crack-of-dawn rampage yesterday, he switched gears and physically reminded me that he is Joey's birth brother. Absolutely unbearable one minute, adorable the next with no middle ground whatsoever.

Darling Daniel came by and worked all afternoon on our wireless network and obstinate computers while Yolie battled nausea, and CJ ran as far as the meadow with the Bubbas, giddy and exhilarated at his own freedom.

Edgar and I ran errands, hauling in groceries by the ton, picking up Carolina's birthday gift, and getting kids where they needed to be. Joey had a blubbering, over the top meltdown simply because I'd verbally redirected his behavior...who needs real reasons? He stomped to his bedroom dramatically, flung his 210 pounds on his bed and cried. There's an 18 year old for ya in my world.

Gito, worried about my need to get physically stronger, after becoming so run down this year, added to my stress by acting as ugly as I've ever seen him, and then running away. I figured he'd come back when he cooled off, and he did. Several hundred surrounding acres makes it tough for me to find a runaway, but conversely it also offers a haven for pissed off people. Works for us.

Lena emailed a hilarious description of Jesse having an Edgar-like hissy fit. I hope she lets me blog it. He may be grown, married, gone to Iraq twice in the Navy, but my boys can revert to Bubbadom in the blink of an eye. Fortunately Lena finds it amusing.

Now that Sergi is home from the Navy, gone for 4 years, he and Big Joe have reverted back to the 8 year old goofs that they used to be, cracking on each other constantly, inseparable, the only difference now besides the fact that they are men, is the two year old Alyssa, glowering and bossing them both around. Taking my old role.

CW is going with Chris and Cristy to the UGA-Tn football game tonight, dressed in his UGA clothes, he's ready and excited.

At yard sales this morning...I'm hunting large clay pots, an ironing board and a bike to replace Jack's that exploded somehow. I don't even wanna know...