Thursday, October 19, 2006

No need to respond to this. I know you're smiling

Miss Judy, a veteran school teacher, veteran by way of many of my children that she has loved and adored, wrote at the bottom of her very encouraging email last night, "no need to respond to this. I know you are smiling."

How'd she know that? I was grinning goofily at the screen. This was after the raging of Jose and Joey last night...she made me smile? And, by golly, it felt great. I shut down the computer and wobbled upstairs where Lily and Jack figured out how to get me out of the surgical knee-highs. 15 or so kids hovering, trying to settle me down for the night.

Miss Judy has taught Alex, Vanessa, Fabian and now Jose plus others. Three tremendously disturbed children that have been nearly unreachable. She's loved them through their time with her. Also now she has my darling granddaughter, Baby about a reward for one's efforts.

Miss Ellen, at the other end of that same school hall had my very emotional Sabrina on her hands all week. I recall when Daniel was so upset over Miss Ellen's brain surgery years ago, coming home and talking about it. Knowing Miss Ellen was praying over me has helped me get through this. She is exactly who Sabrina needs for reassurance.

Mr T, yet another family supporter, came by yesterday with a card and a gift certificate to Sam's Club...where else would I shop?...from the faculty there...they're bringing dinner Monday tears of gratitude surprise even me.

Maybe I'd chose to go through all this again just for the outpouring of love that my family has received, too much to list, and it cements my children's feelings of "people really do care" about us after their years of being kicked around by society, left on the streets, abandoned, mistreated and abused.

Mama went down hard and a bunch of others stepped up to the plate. It took a bunch of people..."Did ya count the police officers too?" Pastor Geoff questioning my tally figure, cracking me up like my kids. I suppose that is speeding up the healing of my stitches?

This has shown me also that I've not been as sensitive to others as I should have been many, many times before. We'd just heard in church that God doesn't punish us, He corrects us. He has a huge job here with me everyday.

I want to push all this ill health behind me and move on, get well again, regain my strength, the kids need me to show the way. Edgar has a day off, laying on the sofa, fussing that his "pillow" needs to heal faster.

Dr. G over came this morning, butt kicking where need be, get to the root of everything, reinforce Big Mama, putting us all back on track, our usual schedule. Man to puppies...he met individually with Gito and Joey.

A silly segue..."
The TSA is looking for volunteers specifically in Austin and San Antonio to foster puppies. Before the puppies start bomb detection training, they have to be socialized. That's where volunteers come in, and take care of the puppies for about a year."

I've taken care of these kind of puppies for YEARS. I'm gonna box 'em up and send them to the TSA...