Friday, October 13, 2006

Postcards from the Edge, Day One, Volume II

Big Mama is out of surgery, but she won't be coming home any earlier than Tuesday. She doesn't know this yet. May the force be with the doctor who has to break that to her.

Ms. Carr is spreading the news that mom is out of surgery around the elementary school right now, assuaging the fears of all Big Mama's kids who have been lurking around, feigning fevers and whatnot, trying to come up with an excuse to call home.

Grandpa has finally finished sweeping the ceiling (yeah, you read that right, he was sweeping the ceiling) and has gone home to take a nap. The squabbling sounds of Odd Toddler, Tabby and Nando is music to my ears after listening to that darn Kirby all morning.

- posted by Sarah