Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another Girl For Our Family

That sweet man Daniel came over yesterday with plans to renovate our very large sandbox. He'd built it, maybe 10 years ago, we don't remember and it's been heavily used ever since. Driving me in my new truck to Lowes, I'd also decided to use the only remaining skill I'd learned in my second marriage, which was to instill drip irrigation.

We've been in a horrible drought, reading about the rain in Dallas, a dome of high pressure still keeping it away from Georgia, we're now looking at a foot deficit in rainfall. My back garden is so large that I'm not going to be able to afford drip irrigation everywhere. Yes, I am, with a positive mindset I bet I'll stumble upon used equipment for sale. 17 40'X 4' raised beds, I have at least that many beds that just grow flowers, yesterday Chuy and I only had enough tubing and emitters for one bed.

Daniel and Sonny took CW and Chuy under their wings, giving Chuy the attention and emotional reinforcement he so needed after his emotional breakdown the night before. Knowing that both older brothers had similar backgrounds to him, knowing they'd been parented by me for so long that they'd forgotten their original nightmares, and realizing that they, like him, were both younger boys from Texas sibling groups. Chuy admires every single aspect of Daniel (so do I for that matter) and I couldn't have bought the kind of therapy that Daniel provided for him yesterday. Plus our sandbox looks good again, for awhile there the dilapidation was overwhelming.

Ray hollered, "I wanted a boy one," after I congratulated him on the news he'd just heard. Sarah's pregnant with the fourth baby grandchild of this year, all four girls will have been born within a five month time period.

Sarah brought me this dish she'd cooked, on fire for her CSA venture, I'd shared it with Memaw (Sabrina), and we both went ga-ga over it. My weight is back up to normal, I feel very strong and healthy now.

Still no word from Vanessa, although her high school guidance counselor and I enrolled her in s summer class to make up for what she failed this spring, if I hear from her, this could be her chance to graduate on time next spring. Miriam has been calling all over the county for her, a small county, hard to hide, and we do have a suspicion about where she is right now. Sadly, her two baby brothers, now 10 & 11, have not expressed that they miss her; her meanness, negativity and continuous snapping at the kids had gotten on their last nerves. Quiet and peace often descend when ill tempered kids aren't here. Duh.

In all these years though, I've never had a middle child of a sibling group bolt. Her older sibs, 18 and 20, are still living with me, irked and impatient with this dumb choice of Vanessa, that could potentially sideline her education and future plans.

And my sweet son Jesse, stationed in Texas, still recovering from the awful blow of losing his expected baby, dislocated his shoulder playing softball for the Navy team. I sat there thinking about when he played for our church team, he and Big Joe, silly and having fun in comparison to Daniel then playing so seriously for his Little League and high school teams. And then I wanted to expound in my head about 'how time flies' until I realized it made me sound like such an old poot.