Friday, August 24, 2007


I saw water falling from the sky yesterday, Sarah later recalled Ray yelling in absolute astonishment, "Mom, it's raining water." No exaggeration, it's been months. It rained for about 20 minutes here, thunder and lightening cleared the soccer fields where we were at tryouts for the U14 League. Fortunately our "B" last name results in us being in and out quickly before the other hundred kids. Everyone correctly ran for the van except Paloma who'd left the fenced in play area without permission with a friend. Oh Great. We all quickly searched while she showed up nonchalantly, resulting in a time-out at home for disobeying.

The storm knocked our cable and Internet out though for the remainder of the evening. I can't check the weather radar screen? Who cares? We got rain. By dark, another storm had blown up, briefly giving us some more rain.

Oddly we learned that our Moxie still worked, digital TV shows recorded and I sat with the kids watching Just For Laughs, a 30 minute show we can fast forward through in less than 20. It is hilarious and Lord Have Mercy we've needed a laugh.

I got a $59 mail-in rebate check yesterday also. Clark Howard had once stated the very low percentage of people that bother with the paperwork, rebates are a retail cash cow for the merchants. His ripoff rebate theory is on target for me as well, Verizon owes me a $50 that I'll never see.

So I'm up at four in the morning, rewashing a comforter that was caught outside in our expected moisture shower. Bed wetting in traumatized children occurs no matter what the weather brings, although this issue has been greatly reduced in our home over the last year or so. Lately anxiety has sparked more.

I only cooked eight pounds of pinto beans last night, we had tacos with fresh tomatoes that are somehow still growing in spite of our 100 year drought event. I attribute it to great soil that I've worked on for 15 years and mulch. We're picking a large bucket a day still of peppers and tomatoes, not enough to can, just enough for fresh eating. I have already frozen some for the winter though, that puts a little smile on my face.

I'm wanting to close down our pool soon, it's expensive to keep running and with school and soccer, our swim time is so limited. I did the math the other night while I was life guarding, at least 100 times up there this summer, two hours a day is 200 hours divided by 24...a conservative estimate of an equivalent of 8 solid days of my summer spent poolside. Take it a step further, this is our 8th year at our pool, I'm up to 64 days solidly poolside, two months of my life.

But that's how memories are made...