Thursday, August 09, 2007

I should have used this picture this morning of my three fifth graders, photographic evidence of what Jojo wore yesterday, pictured here in his bright plaid.

I've cleaned the garage and the kitchen fridge while listening to the county police scanner and being glad that none of my kids have a white Honda used in a hit and run, and that none of them go to the other elementary school that needed the paramedics for a child having a seizure.

But then...Vanessa called me to tell me that her cell phone and $30 had been stolen. Five hours of working at Mickey D's for that and she'd just earned her cell phone back yesterday after I'd confiscated it when she tried to sneak out one night in June.

I've melted down about unemployed wussies and they've scattered like cockroaches. My eyes were still bugged out when Regina and Elyse came by for a visit.

I ate hot tomatoes and peppers, fresh picked and fried on the vine, it was 98 degrees before noon. We won't swim tonight until dark.