Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Open House Day

Jesse does not need any remedial classes for college. I am incredibly proud as I sit here scratching my chigger bites and shaking my head in amazement. He'll start an English class on Lily's birthday (August 20th), and I've been talking to my other kids who also will resume their college classes this month: Daniel, Cristy, Saray with Miriam and Sonny undergoing their tutoring to get where the other grown kids are. Cristy and Saray are close to completing their degrees now. The money situation involves scholarships thankfully that we'd all been working on lately.

I had other really good news that I'd prayed for but I don't have permission to share it yet...

By 6 this morning I had quite a few kids asking, "Is it Open House for everyone today?" Hmmm...we've never not had Open House for everyone, did they think the opening of school was staggered by age group this year?

Because it is close to 100 degrees this week, I finally broke down and turned on our AC, something I totally despise. I couldn't hear my dueling roosters this morning, I smell too many little boy's stanky feet and it feels stale to me. I miss the early morning aroma of flowers blooming outside pulled in by the attic fan. I must have woken up 100 times last night, feeling stifled by canned air.

Mayra weighed my garden salad the other day. It does weigh 5 pounds. I'm eating five pounds of chopped raw veggies everyday in one meal (Cukes, tomatoes, peppers and squash). No wonder I feel so good.

Several of my tomato vines are shriveling and frying in the drought and the heat. Fortunately over half were planted later and mulched heavily, I'll still get another load of tomatoes. We've been watering both varieties of watermelons, they look great also as does Hales Jumbo Cantaloupes.

Daniels' stuff is here as he awaits his new rental house with his friends but he's staying over at Yolie's house; they both breezed through yesterday. CJ is enjoying the tar out of having a Big Bubba at his house. I'm jealous.

Trying to keep my kids calm about school, Sarah and I took them to see Surf's Up at the Dollar Theater yesterday. An odd movie, I dozed off twice...