Saturday, August 04, 2007

Scoring at Yard Sales

Besides the fact that Sarah said I was rude yesterday: what if I have 53 year old readers with long hair? My response was that I was fairly sure I was the oldest person around and I'm the one who looks cwappy with too-long hair.

I cannot begin to describe the billions of ways we scored today at yard sales. I only had 4 ten dollar bills on me and came home with $1000 worth of stuff and I'm not exaggerating at all. For me alone, it must have been $300 worth of nice, large pots, urns and tools. We also got a nine foot long, handmade picnic table, 6 trikes and baby bikes, a waffle maker (still in the box), books, bookbags and Lily's art supplies, clothes for everyone, soccer shin guards and shoes. My girls chose decorative teenybopper pillows (4 for a buck) for their rooms.

I was home, bragging on the phone to Sarah about all my treasures when Tina walked in the back door with FOUR cases of mason jars for us. She'd answered a freecycle ad that I was late responding to. Vanessa was laughing because it had been so close to our house, and I'd lost out when the lady responded to me that she'd already given it all away. Thank God it was to Tina.

I had nine kids with me treasure hunting today; Mayra mentioned she'd set a goal in her mind to kick in at least two goals each game when soccer commences. "Girl, you gotta get all your brothers and sisters to do the same, then y'all will win every single time." Heck one team has six of my kids together on it, 12 goals a game would be right nice.

I'm just counting my blessings today.