Thursday, August 30, 2007

That's Was A Short Moment of Bliss

64 minutes in the garden and I got a phone call, "Come get Jose, he's being discharged."

Too bad if he still wants to murder me.

When I got there he told me he was still sorta angry at me. I asked the nurse if she'd heard that. She held the exit door open for me in response.


I know that there is little to no funding at the moment for mental health. I know that her hands are totally tied.

I'd made a half dozen phone calls and finally our state mental hospital, several hours away said they'd consider him. I took Javy out of school knowing he'd stop Jose from attacking me. We had a 911 plan rehearsed if need be.

They immediately admitted him after reading the letter from our psychologist expressing his concerns and listening to me. Jose sat there and badmouthed me.

But this is a short term solution to a very huge problem.

I drove 250 miles, seven hours on the road while back home Sarah, Grandma, Vanessa and Miriam were scrambling to take over for me.

Tomorrow I have an even tougher schedule so I doubt I'll blog until it's over.