Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sarah's Improving

Dealing with such constant deceitfulness has left me counting the days, literally, until some of these deceitful children grow up. I've shut off cell phone service on the extra phones, password protected EVERYTHING, carry no cash, and act totally paranoid at all times.

I know that adolescence is a time of inner turmoil, when up-til-now fairly normal kids, who've been traumatized, absolutely lose it, and become temporary monsters. Sabrina's behavior has been hugely disappointing all summer, the loss of her as a sweet child has been the most annoying, now she's hard-hearted, irritable, sneaky and unlikable. Thank God for therapy and Dr. Mandy to help me to cope and to try and see Sabrina through to the other side while Mayra is making a huge effort to be better behaved.

I'm babysitting Sarah until she feels better, after this difficult emergency appendectomy, she's doing very well though, and my brother, brother-in-law and niece are here for a few days so I'm not gonna blog long today.

Or maybe I'll get a chance later.


Lisa said...

I'm personally having a very hard time with my kids adolescent insane behaviors. Yes, adolescence is a time of turmoil, of finding one's place (blah-blah-blah)....but when you take those "normal" behaviors and amp them up 1000% with kids who have past trauma and/or an alphabet soup dx's well, it's time to lock yourself in YOUR room for a few years until the insanity ends. I've been saying for the past few years that I am just astounded by the lengths these kids will go to. The sneakiness alone is enough to shock me into a coma on some days. How can kids who can barely pass a grade (with lots of help) come up with these crazy ideas? My 16 yo tried to convince me that she hadn't cut her hair a few months back. I hadn't taken her for a haircut in 6 months because she wanted to grow it out and one day I look and think, "Hey, either her hair has not grown all this time or it's been cut (and cut badly)". She lied to me over and over until I wanted to explode. Finally, I pulled out a photo album from last summer and showed her how long her hair was THEN compared to NOW. She blushed and said, "ok, I did, I just didn't want to get into trouble". huh? Driving your mother insane is preferrable to you getting into "trouble" - what did she think I'd actually do? Beat her senseless for using my scissors? Crazy lying....I'm counting the days down too....

Janet MF said...

Enjoy mothering Sarah for a while.

The others...well they do grow up and they do leave home.

Is anything moving on the Paloma/Jonathan front? I mean it seams a long time ago that alternative care was being considered.

Janet MF

Cindy said...

Lisa - I'm having a tough time too. Please don't think this is easy for ANYONE. It's so uphill and unnatural, so difficult and nonrewarding, isn't it?

Janet - nothing due to budget cuts.