Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Novel Idea

Jimbo, my baby brother, reads my blog at lunch, between delivering mail all day, and now tells me it is redundant, "All you ever write about is children and gardening."

"Uh, Jimbo, that's kinda all I got," I snickered.

Sarah, chiming in that my easing over into a gardening blog is soothing for her, not having to wake up and learn there's been deputies at my house, or that someone has attacked someone, the relative peace of me spending time planting heirloom lettuce seeds eases her very stressed out mind. It wearying to constantly fret over one's senior citizen mom.

However my long-time friend, Janet, called to tell me that EarthFare has a senior citizen discount. Yowza!

How cool is that, y'all? I am loving this. Gorgeous Miss Becky A, a retired middle school teacher, has no qualms about using it, honey she hardly looks out of her thirties, it doesn't stress me out either and I have some dirt road miles on me, lemme tell ya.

Jack had recently asked me, "How do you leave your house?" a question I didn't quite understand, as I rarely leave mine, but upon further prodding I learned he was speaking about a classmate who'd moved again into another house. No doubt making it about him, wondering if we could lose our house, the one he's awoken in every morning of his life, not having any clue about the rental market, or even folks moving up into better homes that they've purchased. Now who doesn't have The Jefferson's theme song in their head?

I do like that I've been able to provide a major sense of security by staying in one place for so long, as I contemplate the cost of a chicken moat, just way more fencing and posts, used is preferable, I can do it in good conscience, knowing I'll get use out of it for another fifty years or so.

Sarah and I did not have such longevity in a house, as I was young and restless, not ready to settle down at all, but now here we find ourselves both very settled on the same fifty something acres with Yolie plopped down in the middle as well, all of us enjoying our homes, our proximity to each other, and the strong sense of this is it.

As I planted yesterday, waiting for Jimbo to get here, Tabby collected four o'clock seeds to scatter for next year, both she and Nando are interested in the gardens. This bed shows I don't have a measuring tape, that I just dig until I feel the bed is completed. the point of a four foot wide bed is to be able to reach it from either side thus not compacting the soil, but hey I have long arms and legs, like an orangutan, I can reach, plant more, and have more fun all at the same time. Such a party girl, huh?

A friend, Glenda Dean, long ago wondered aloud, "What on earth do you do in your garden all winter long?"

Oh my goodness, I am never, ever caught up, never totally weeded, never have I put enough compost, wood chips, leaves, manure, or whatever on the beds, never is everything properly mowed, nor divided. The kids take up an exorbitant and expected amount of time, I garden when I can, but my gardening dreams exceed my free time certainly.

Now it appears, next weekend, that I'll even have several more children away for two days, freeing me up almost totally. Should I dash to the beach? Go to Pine Mountain and explore Callaway Gardens since I haven't done so in more than TWENTY something years? Check myself into a spa? A rehab for jangled brains?

Oh heck no, I'll likely stay here, maybe see a movie, maybe garden from sunup to sundown, maybe just stand in my kitchen , marveling that I don't have to cook, maybe run get a Greek veggie sandwich, maybe mow the meadow, maybe curl up and read a book uninterrupted. Time for me? There's a novel idea.

But for now, I'm going to drink coffee with my brother over in Grandma's kitchen, then wake up the kids for church.