Monday, October 05, 2009

One Answer. Period.

C.S. Lewis mentioned in his book, Mere Christianity, that if we Christians turn out to be wrong, then surely we're the most miserable of all, since apparently we'd have missed out on the joys of drinking, carousing and random encounters. Yeah, well the flip side would also have to include hangovers and STDs, maybe a poor trade-off/reward system.

Pastor Tony held me absolutely spellbound yesterday with his sermon, pointing out an attorney, Sir Lionel Luckhoo, who'd won 245 consecutive court cases against overwhelming evidence presented by the prosecutors. Clearly this was a gifted, brilliant man, so let's give him the biggest case of all.

Prove Jesus was not resurrected.

Spending years in research, combing the records of historians, he could only come up with one answer.

Jesus was resurrected. He truly is the son of God.

If then, that is true...wouldn't also all the promises He made for us be true?


Therefore, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and this very tough life of mine, that I've been called to participate in, is doable, right?

Yep, my faith is rock solid and truly, I'm even more excited now, than this time yesterday, before Pastor Tony preached.

Folks constantly tell me, "I don't know how you do it." Well, wouldn't this be how?

Yes, I make mistakes, and don't get it all done all the time. I falter, fall down, carry on, have duck fits, and have broken a few plates, but in the end, I keep going, even when somehow the boys have so badly flooded this first bathroom that it has seeped into the original master bathroom, and I hate to call a plumber because he'll have to go through Paloma's nasty room that is absolutely trashed once again.

Her severe emotional disturbances, combined with some degree of self-loathing and brain mis-wirings, have rendered her incapable of ever complying with any degree of normalness. She's happiest in a nest of her own filth, which I find revolting. Can she be broken of this? Healed of this? My optimism screams yes, while my experiences with disturbed children show otherwise, yet I've seen miracles.

The baby, Zoe, the one I'd asked for prayer about, was dedicated yesterday in church. I knew this was coming so I emotionally had time to gird myself, her grandmother reassuring me that Zoe would be OK. Define OK. I understand the emotional level from which they are functioning through this horrendously difficult time. The brain tumor is there. A miracle is needed. Folks move the hands of God through prayer.

I remember when Zoe's mom was a pre-schooler, I know the grandparents from the early years of a charismatic church we'd all attended, all of us then so very excited at the possibilities of life before us, now some 25 years later, many of us have been very beaten down and nearly destroyed by events. Indeed, a beautiful and sweet lady, who'd slipped into the service and sat quietly with us, had lost her son many years ago when he was only in elementary school, my heart still breaks for her, I know that level of grief will never go away. He was Marcela's age, he should be 28 now, she will never see him again on earth, but what incredible and amazing reunions await us in Heaven.

Life is hard y'all. I know I don't need to tell you that as so many of you have endured some horrific hardships and situations. I know that many of you moms think to yourself (because you've told me so) if Cindy can do this with 39, I can do it with my 8 or 4 or 10 or whatever. I hear this a lot. Like every day.

But honey, Cindy can't do it without Jesus. It's just that simple. Thankfully my higher level of education never prevented, nor hindered, my very simple faith. He is all I need. Not money, not a maid service, not a reality tv series, nor a full-time grounds manager.

The night that Sarah and Preston lost their baby son, a perfectly formed baby, that we were privileged to hold, but for a moment, after he passed away, could have shook us all apart, could have destroyed Sarah, Preston, Edith, Georgeann and I, had we raged at God about it. We cried oceans of tears and God's grace carried us through.

I know I have many non-believers reading here and I'll not try and convert you. I'm only explaining how I do this, as I am constantly asked that one simple question and I only have one answer. Truly though, I pray that any non-believers can, and will, also discover and hold this source of very deep joy.

OK, free sermon is over.

But how anyone can wake up and think to themselves that this is all random, those that have no faith...I just don't get it. You know how pointlessness rubs me wrong.

I ran outside and did get a row of collards planted after church, before the very gentle, but unrelenting rain began to fall. I got some peppers picked, I walked Scotty through a simple assignment that he fussed about all weekend, I'm dragging in my houseplants slowly for winter, re-reading the genius of Eliot Coleman and Joel Salatin, late at night when my house is finally quiet.

I'm genuinely believing that the second half of my life will be the best half. I have a lot to look forward to, and obviously eternity's gonna be a blast.

Then we're really gonna party and I pray all y'all will join us there.


Anonymous said...

Amen and Alleluia

Jess Tryon said...

Oh, yeah! I'm so looking forward to that day... I can't wait to meet you! =D We haven't even started on our journey of crazi-family-ness yet, and oddly, the word verification for this comment has a great descriptive sound for how I feel: womblywg! Kinda... freakin' out a bit, though excited too... but I know it'll be really tough at times. I'll be coming back to this post to remind me where my strength lies.

Thanks for the sermon and uplifting my hope!

Anonymous said...

Cindy - same answer always given here. There is no other way to do the impossible.

Great post.
Amanda - IA

Suzanne said...

A couple of points:

1. Drinking and carousing may lead to hangovers and STDs, but not necessarily. In my case, all it's led to is a pleasing elevation of spirits and some joyful nights with friends. Don't be so absolute in your dismissal because it's not fair. I have had many happy hours killing a bottle of wine with friends which have led to nothing but mutual joy. I realize it's not your lifestyle and that you are firmly against drinking, but there is a midpoint between teetotalling and being a complete souse and many rational adults occupy it, disease and hangover free.

2. Don't assume that just because someone doesn't believe what you believe that they are a non-believer. I have a vibrant and rock solid faith of my own, it's just not Christian. It's totally not fair to call someone an unbeliever just because they don't have the same faith as you. As I've said to you before, our differnce in beliefs make me no less appreciative in miracles.

CureForCrazy said...

Thank you. Thank you for your blog and for posts like this. I agree with Jess, it'll be nice to meet you up there some day, when you're not so far away & have time to sign autographs for your readers. :)

Kerri in WV said...

Amen Sista!!!!

susan said...

I can't wit to see you there, Cindy!

Susan (Mom of many)

JeanetteG said...

I somewhat agree with Suzanne.

Moderate Agnostics and Moderate Christians are OK in my eyes. Athiests, but especially Fundamentalist Christians who believe that Barack Obama is Satan scare me so much! Barack Obama will bring about End of Days because he is not Republican, middle class and white? Really????

Cindy said...

Suzanne, I was not talking about social drinking, but rather the conditions under which my children were conceived.

Jeanette - hmmm interesting. I don't compare Obama to anyone, that's disrespectful to the position he holds. I may not have voted for him, but I don't dislike him either. He sure married well, didn't he?

And for others who commented - yep we're gonna have a good time. I'm just glad fire ants won't make it up there.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure?