Friday, October 16, 2009

Outside As Well

Some of the happiness rushes lately have included a pretty decent season in sports for this fall, except, of course, for CW's broken collarbone from football. The middle school game yesterday was won, making it an undefeated season.

I'd planned to get to Ray's flag football game, then two soccer games, all of which got called off due to storms, while Daniel and Edgar high-tailed it over to the next county to be there for CW and Chuy.

"Honestly Daniel, you're off the hook if you don't wanna sit in the rain," I'd called him, knowing his schedule at UGA is busy.

"Nah," he reassured me, "You did it for me, I can do it for them."

I flashed back to one particularly stormy night years ago, when I'd sat lower in the concrete bleachers, hoping to doge the wind, only to discover the rain rushing in torrents down the levels, ending up pouring into the back of my britches as I sat under a useless umbrella with the pretty teenage daughter of my friend, Emily. Yolie, who also never ever missed one of Daniel's games, was with us, chagrined when one of Trina's friends asked if Yolie was her mother.

"I'm 22 years old!" Yolie'd even used an exclamation mark that night as we cowered under the storm. Yolie does not look old, but with me being white, the other kid just assumed the other Mexican must've been the mom.

Trina hollered back, "No my Mom's not here," and wisely did not snicker at Yolie.

I, however, guffawed.

We've often said Yolie was born being 40 due to her very high maturity level, but her beauty cancelled out the old lady thing.

This middle school's undefeated season is record breaking in a school that's only a dozen years old. A playoff game next week is looming, an away game that'll conflict with two other soccer games, Lord knows how I'll work that out, but you best believe I'll do it somehow with Grandma's help.

Today is the last day of early release, the first day of a youth group retreat, and a massive lessening of my own weekend schedule. Edgar is hollering to go to yard sales with me to furnish a kitchen he now has, I doubt he'll get his butt up as early as I like to go, our nighttime temps are dipping into the 40s and all my houseplants are still outside, JoJo's still suspended, guess I have a job for him today, don't I? Drag 'em in son, I'll put 'em where they need to go.

I only have three hours this morning to get groceries, refill prescriptions after the Dr C psychiatrist meeting yesterday for three kids, pick up coffee grinds, and get back home before the bus deposits some happy kids to have been released from indoors early. Our soggy land will see sunshine, I'll squint and make more wrinkles around my eyes, and simply not give a good cahoot, because I'll be outside as well.