Tuesday, January 11, 2011

From a Reader

From Reece's Rainbow:
Mike and Grace met in a small Wyoming town. After only a year of dating they were married and immediately started a family.

Mike spent five years in the Army and then four years in Iraq as a private contractor for the Army. He knew he would rather be with his family than have money so he quit his job in search of another. In 2005 Crista Ministries hired him in their IT department.

The Silva family continued to be blessed and added more children to their family, seven in all. One day, late in 2009, Grace stumbled upon the website for Reece's Rainbow. She felt compelled to pray for the children whose pictures she saw there. As she prayed the Lord began working on her heart, one of these children would belong in her family! As the Silvas work towards bringing Noah home they continue to watch the Lord work in their home. The children grow each day learning about the way God wants us to have compassion for all people. They are waiting eagerly to see how the Lord will provide to bring this very special little boy into their loving home!


Follow the Silva family's adoption journey on their blog at www.silvamoose.com

Hi Cindy! I have been reading your blog for several years now, I
don't really remember how many. My husband and I are in the process
of adopting a little boy though Reece's Rainbow. I don't know if you
have heard about them or not. They help children with special needs
find homes. The little boy we have committed to, Noah, will turn 3
next Monday and the clock has started ticking for him. The Eastern
European country where he lives will transfer him on his 4th birthday
out of the orphanage and into a mental institution like the one you
can see in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1kbayAdlgg

He is already malnourished and spends the majority of his day laying in a
crib, but the small amount of attention he does get now will dwindle to
almost non existent care if he is transferred. The sad statistics
are that upwards of 85% of these children will die within their first
year in the institution. So, we are very much in need of finding a
way to get Noah home. I am wondering if you would be willing to help
by putting up a button for Noah on your blog and perhaps doing a post
about him and about the conditions in Eastern European orphanages. I
know the Lord has used blogs before to raise the money needed to
ransom these children and I'm praying he'll do it again. I just need
a willing vessel who happens to have a blog with a few more readers
than mine :)