Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When I Can

I have the dubious distinction of three kids in ISS is the last three days. Sorry 'bout that Coach P. Tony, JoJo and Jonathan, now there's a handful. All three for threatening, fighting, disorderly, or disruptive. Welcome to the adoption of older children 101, don't think your experiences will be much different from any of that.

Yolie put on her social worker hat/role and came to sit and talk seriously with my 11 teenagers about suicide, suicide prevention and the resulting devastating aftermath. Spouting off what she'd learned years ago in her Master's level classes, easing their minds, and answering their questions.

Truly, it is Dillan carrying the major load here, I know Chuck was gonna touch base with him, let him know how much we all care about him, and that this big ole contrary, uber-prickly family is there if needed.

I talked at length to a school guidance counselor who goes to church with us, there's no one that I'd rather have overseeing my high schoolers each day. His compassion and his insight combine in a wonderfully soothing manner.

We also got word that our new principal is leaving at the end of the year. There've been two tragic student deaths this year, a former grad, a friend of Miriam's also died, the paper quotes five fathers have passed away, the principal himself was ticketed for parking his Jag in a handcipapped place, but most of all, a former very beloved principal had been dismissed unfairly. Nobody could've followed his footsteps and been successful.

The new guy coming in....drum roll here please....is superb. He'd once taught many of the Bubbas, has been a middle school administrator in the meantime, he's so wonderful, and Facebook was abuzz last night in a very positive manner. I'm excited as I'll have nine kids in the high school this upcoming year.

I had five, uninterrupted glorious hours in the warm sunshine yesterday, I didn't bother with lunch until the kids came home from school. I know this wonderful weather won't last, but I've put many trays of seedlings out to bask in the greenhouse anyway, knowing it's an easy feat to drag 'em back in if needed.

I'd grabbed three eggs from the henhouse, scrambled them for me, and made a sandwich with pepper jack cheese and FHPS. We had so many eggs that I fried or scrambled, according to each individual request, for supper. CW ate 8 fried eggs on four pieces of toast, most kids just asked for 3 or 4 eggs. Seriously, the feeding of teenagers is a massive undertaking each evening. My industrial size skillet gets a workout.

The photo here is of Chocolate Bell Peppers, Miriam'd been texting me her delight in the Fire Hot Pepper Sauce, as she'd cooked last night for her friends. I so want to supply as many grown kids, as is possible, especially those who crave these peppers.

This Chocolate Bell is a gorgeous brownish/deep purple hued very blocky specimen, always putting this song in my head when I say the two words Deep Purple. Instant trip back into the late 60's, which is what Facebook sometimes feels like to me, as so many of my surviving friends are now on there, folks I've not seen in 40 years. The peppers are intoxicating, so to speak.

Another grown kid was texting me that another grown kid was calling her, collect from jail, but we could neither figure out who'd been arrested, nor how they had her cell number. We never did get to the bottom of that issue, no Bodie was in the arrest report.

I'm running to a 504 Meeting first thing this about Tony, who also was conveniently bus-left...like I just fell off the turnip truck? Honey, I wish, then back outside to cavort happily in the sun. Nothing appeals more to me than gardening, and I know the rest of my week is booking up fast. Gotta do what I can, when I can.

My last phone call of the night went to my darling son, Jesse, way up in New York state, who was happily celebrating the second birthday of Isaiah. Happy Birthday to handsome Isaiah! Not wanting to get my hopes up, but excited that Jesse's at least considering visiting in the next couple of months. I sure do miss him, Lena and Isaiah.