Friday, February 24, 2012

He's A Blessing

Our short warm winter has been laughable, more interior house painting than reading for me, but I read through several Michael Abelman's books. If I can't farm and garden when it's kinda cold, I prefer to read about it.

Yet another 458 page book I've been plowing through, Bioshelter Market Garden, has taken me all winter and I'm hardly a tenth of the way through it, trying to digest everything and to learn more as I go. I feel like a first grader. It's complex, but I like it.

Martin, now sporting earrings since he's 18 years old, wanted me to take him birthday shopping amidst today's tornado warnings and watches brought about by our super warm morning clashing with a cold front. While he got his hair cut, I went next door to a Pier One store that I doubt I've been inside since CW was born almost 16 years ago.

Did ya hear me holler from the price sticker shock? Oh my goodness, I couldn't afford anything in there. Thank God for yard sales.

Three clothing stores later, Martin was as bored as I was. "I'll just shop online," he decided.

I wasn't thrilled about the earrings. "Not very manly," I suggested. "Do you hate it as much as you thought you would?" he countered.

Nah, not really.

He's such a good kid, he really has been a wonderful son, and still has another year of high school to go. He's lived with me so long that he's not gonna run off in a rage, his BFF, CW, is here, his beautiful girlfriend has another year of school also. He's just so lovable.

If earrings are his normal natural teenage rebellion/self expression I can live with that easily. I adore this guy very, very much.