Monday, February 13, 2012

It's What's For Breakfast

Yeah boy, Science project finished for Nando, Lily helping to draw the illustrations. Well, more than just helping. Nando went to school toting it all, grinning like he always does.

Everyone happily trotted out the door this morning, jumping onto the school bus, we are still doing course recoveries for Martin and Mayra, we're so blessed to have this opportunity before us, plus tutoring. Tony and CW start Driver's Ed this weekend, another $375, but what price safety? This is an excellent expenditure.

$125 for a wireless access point, Chuck picking it up for me and installing it, with nine in high school, we have a super duper need for good internet access. This morning Allen was bugging me about a current event, wanting the latest on Whitney Houston, which makes me very sad, but that's bordering on gossip, not necessarily a current event factoid, as all sorts of speculations are coursing online.

What about these mysterious deaths in Central America? This is appalling.

It's miserably cold here again, our week of winter won't even last 7 days, but it's enough to again make me marvel at hardier souls that endure months of these temperatures. I'm housebound for a day and feeling nutso on the inside, maybe I'll take me a long walk this morning, just to get some Vitamin D and keep me from eating so much.

I don't know what's gotten into me lately, I'm wolfing food down right and left. Spinach Quiche for breakfast liberally adorned with Fire Hot Papper Sauce, then I dove into a can of mixed nuts, telling myself it was for the protein grams I think I need, but, in reality, I'm throwing down fat grams like there's no tomorrow. I cannot use the word skinny anymore, soon slim won't be an option either, if I keep this up. But, like, who cares?

It's a store bought crust. Yuck, I ain't eating it. The Quiche itself was made with eggs laid by my hens, even here in winter. Good job, girls.

Tony, of course, Instagrammed the picture. Good job, son.

It's time to register for soccer again, we'll spend every evening, as a family, down on the soccer field for another three month spell.

Look at our very calm and happy life nowadays. As a single woman with Valentine's Day coming up, I don't feel any lack of love per se, I also don't feel very single, I'm married to my family with all these demands. Single means available and looking, and I'm sure not so.

If I could wish for anything, it wouldn't be for good looks, a good man, ten years younger, ten pounds less, or thousands of bucks more, it'd just be for ten more hours in each day to accomplish all I wanna do, which would be to repaint Scotty's entire room, finish the other pending paint jobs, dig a new strawberry bed and plant a couple hundred crowns there, sew new curtains for the living room, or check off anything else on my burgeoning, but fun, checklist.

The older I get, the happier and the more energetic I seem to be, kind of a win-win situation I'd wager.