Saturday, February 18, 2012

Three grandbabies spent the night with me last night, Hazel and Marissa camping out, up in my plant filled bedroom, in a pink tent with Barbie sleeping bags, cute as two buttons. Hazel conked out upon hitting the pillow, having jumped for five hours on the trampoline with Tabby on a beautiful 66 degree afternoon.

Marissa, however, talked to Tabby and I until midnight. Oh my goodness, her eyes popping wide open at seven in the morning.

The bigger news though is my wonderfully awesome niece, Katie, a sophomore at Notre Dame, is now living in Chile for a semester. How cool is that?

Tony and CW are at their Driver's Ed class.

Mayra, who moved out angrily like so many traumatized children do, it's nearly a rite of passage, an, "I hate you, you're not my real mother," diss to all of us dedicated, nurturing moms, realized pretty quickly that as annoying as we all are, she misses us very much, much to her own surprise.

Fortunately I'm usually able to blow off all the insults and hatred that emanates from them all, that said several of my older children have crossed an uncrossable line that can't be undone. They knew this before they did it, y'all can't unring that bell, especially paroled felons that victimize, perpetrate, steal, lie, assault, etc.

Anyway, Mayra's here more often than not, staying close by with an older sister.

Mayra'd spent the night last night, attending the high school soccer game with Martin and Sabrina, while Allen and Scotty had bopped off to our church to watch a movie with part of the youth group. Lily was at the roller rink, leaving the grandkids and I the run of the house.

Marcela and her husband had driven to Atlanta for a quiet dinner which is why Marissa stayed with me. Sarah and Preston are in St. Simon's for a wedding, a friend of Preston's getting married for the first time a age 46. Preston's originally from the Georgia coast, growing up down there near St Marys.

The one I'd blogged about yesterday came home needing Midol or something, goodness gracious he was an ill pill if I ever saw one, we cut him a very wide berth last night.

He woke up today on the right side of the bed.