Thursday, March 08, 2012

Home Grown Oregano

I became a confirmed vegetarian nearly 40 years ago, a very easy feat for me to accomplish, as I'd never liked cooked flesh anyway, nor raw meat for that matter. It's always seemed repulsive to me. Giving it up entirely seemed such a vast relief.

According to Sustainablog, overall meat consumption is falling. I won't even go into the many ways it's outright nasty for folks to chow down on ammonia-laced pink slime, the fact that I must've saved millions of dollars alone, and it is nearly the sole basis for Dave Ramsey's rice and beans, beans and rice grocery budgeting thought when one is learning not to blow money.

So for convenience sake let's just use the 40 year mark, and the mid-range number in meat consumption, and do the math.

Me alone, one old raggedy woman did not eat 6,800 POUNDS of dead animals over the last 40 decades...yet other women did.

EEEUUUWWW. And I'm considered weird for not eating greasy dead animals?

I didn't stress out my digestive system with some 7,000 POUNDS of meat.

No wonder I basically don't have a weight problem.

Let's say 60 years, rounding my age up and factoring in how little meat I ate as a child, just not liking the crap. 10,200 pounds of dead carcasses not eaten by me. I love these numbers. What is that? The equivalent of many cows, chicken and pigs allowed to live? Grain not used to feed them, water not used to grow them, our dwindling resources.

And I'll flat out 100% wager that I eat way more calories every single day than a meat eating woman does. Look at my energy level? Anyone else not believe this is linked?

Of course if I punched my ticket today, fell out from a massive heart attack due to genetics or something, everyone could then say, "All that good eating for nothing?"

I don't wanna go yet, I wanna finish raising my children, Tabby's only in third grade, Nando in fourth, Jack in sixth, my three youngest kids here at home. Wonderful, bonded kids who now feel safe after too many years of irrational acts of violence from other children who just couldn't help it.

I'd received a surprising, yet tearful, phone call yesterday, "I'm so sorry for everything Mom, I didn't understand all you'd done for us all. I love you, thank you so much," this from a grown kid who'd been taken out of here in handcuffs over an assault years ago.

I'd not picked up my phone because it was charging. I'd gone out to feed the chickens and missed it, but I played it over and over, wishing I could instill this new found discovery in some other kids.

I don't need a 'thank you,' I don't need a pat on the back...but it was a nice gesture, and I do appreciate it.

"I'm gonna grow up and be a gardener," Tabby crowed happily last night, as she'd been complimented over the oregano that she alone had carefully picked, stripped its leaves, dried and stored away for the winter. I do hope that my influences over dietary maters, over academics, and the virtues of hard work is copied someday by kids who just can't do so right now.

We'd had whole grain pasta last night with the usual condiments - FHPS and grated pepper jack cheese, plus oregano.

I have 15 seed flats with 72 cells each, which equals 1,080 plants to get into the ground next month, many seeds are sown straight into the dirt instead, pounds of seed taters, 425 strawberry plants - it takes a lot for a family this size.

Chuy's still home recuperating, helping me load two heavy items to take to the dump yesterday wore him out, there's no school tomorrow, so he'll have some 10 days from his incident, through his hospitalization and recovery time to get it together,

Nando's been complaining of various aches and pains, I think I'm gonna run him by the pediatric office today.

Martin got bus left, so his BFF/brother CW walked back down to our house to be driven to school by me. "I didn't want to leave Martin alone," Dubs explained.

Martin's 18. I believe he could handle it.