Friday, April 06, 2012

Happy Birthday Beautiful!

My teeny tiny, ultra lovely Gina is 34 years old today. Weighing in right under 80 pounds, 4'10". Same size as our Chihuahua cat. College educated, sweet-natured, fun, and a wonderful blessing to me. But 34? Already? Cristy will be 35 tomorrow. They've been my daughters for nearly 22 years now. Three of out the original sib group of 4 now in their 30s. No wonder I'm finding myself almost 60.

Yesterday was just one more in a long line of insults delivered to folks who try and help others. Until I resolve this demoralizing issue, I just don't wanna talk about it, I'm really afraid it can't be discussed by me yet without cuss words coming to my mind. I'm furious at the stupidness of the irony involved here.

I painted out my raging frustration all day long, the only break involved me going to Dr. Mandy who was just as outraged on our family's behalf.

The kids are now out for Spring Break so they went to some Friday yard sales with me this morning. Scotty discovering three Xbox 360 games for $10. Lily loading up on jewelry and Tabby with yet another craft thing.

Today hopefully my room'll be completed. I couldn't afford to hire out the painting when I can do it myself but this vaulted ceiling is giving me fits, as I try and paint up into the eaves.

There was an incident at the high school yesterday where a kid's parking space got labeled "hoe," and some idiot decided to blame three of my kids. It had apparently happened after it rained which would've been around four in the morning.

Seriously? For once their laziness paid off. Like I'd believe they'd get out of their cozy beds, climb out a second floor window since the security alarms were on, walk up two dirt roads in pitch black darkness and the nearly 2 miles to the high school, commit this act, and return home before I wake up when they all know I get up between 4 and 6 each morning?

It was an unlikely alliance anyway, three that normally don't hang around, they're not vandals, they'd have spelled it 'ho," they like this girl plus her dad is a deputy. Her boyfriend threatened Chuy, which is then a red flag for me as Chuy'd be happy to fight. He'll fight, but he isn't a vandal nor a slanderer. He wouldn't get up early for any reason anyway.

I vouched for them when I picked up Sabrina to go to Dr Mandy's and the administration said they weren't even on the suspect list anyway. It'd hadda be someone with access to a car, and my kids can't even get the keys either to the car nor to the gate that's locked.

They were late coming home from the school which set off my inner trauma alarms but the bus driver drove the route in reverse, they were the last to be let off, something he usually only does on the last day of school.

"This is your trauma talking," Dr. Mandy reminds me when I twitch and carry on.

Deep, deep breaths. My room is the color of basil, I love it's serenity inducing powers, along with the tongue and groove pine.

Daniel's back from Texas so I can breathe again, I do so much better when he's around, at least in the state, he lives in Atlanta now. He's the kind of guy who'll put his flight on my google calendar just to ease my mind, not feeling suffocated by me (I hope), just demonstrating reassurance to me, as he knows I do fret.