Monday, November 19, 2012

Calling Dr. Marissa

I've always been oddly lax to zip up a pocketbook, I've always used a black nylon or black canvas bag, nothing too prissy ever, and yesterday at church my phone fell out, lying there right where I'd accidentally dumped it. Scotty ran back in the sanctuary to hunt it for me.  As a kid, Daniel would trot after me reaching out to zip it up, which I never did in order to save time.

I'm reading The Veganist by Kathy Freston, and it's fascinating.  I'm not gonna quote it, or make a point here, other than I deeply wish I'd gone from vegetarian to vegan way back when, especially since I now know how much just being a vegetarian has done for my health.

I wanna read The China Study.  I think I'd borrowed Emily's copy many years ago, just can't quite remember, but I know I'll find it at a yard sale very soon.  I always do.  The Law Of Attraction in action, except I always attribute it to God giving me what I need when I need it.

Yesterday I picked a couple of puny grape tomatoes and a half a dozen now thin walled peppers since our first frost has been delayed, the colder nights are affecting the flavor in a negative manner, but at least I'm still eating fresh foods.

Tony, now almost 17, insisted I use this picture on my blog, consider it done, my snack each night.  He'd made it last night and it was delicious as usual, and it's real food.

Which reminds me, I'd read, seen, or heard this statistic, that the average family buys a buggy full of groceries per week.  Sounds about right to me, but the crappy news is that the average family wastes approximately 16 buggies a year worth of food.  A better statistic to me, well more interesting perhaps, would be the percentage of actual nonfood items that folks consume thinking it's food.

That hamburger helper box is gonna cause some very big health issues at some point within one's body. It just isn't real food.  Duh.

We'd had water baptism service yesterday at church, full immersion, and folks schedule it and bring a change of clothes.  Pastor Tony boldly had an altar call in which he said he'd bought extra towels and sweat clothes if anyone felt called to be baptised without the advance planning.

To my surprise five or so folks went straight up front in their nice church clothes, jumping in and getting baptised, another several at second service.  Now that's bold.  I admire boldness.

See?  That's how one knows when God is calling them to do something.  As my friend Jan once told me long ago, "It's when you can't not do something, that's when you know it's God calling." Her words have echoed in my head for 30 years.

I couldn't have not adopted back then, the call was very strong.  I couldn't have not gone to Honduras, I felt uniquely led to do so, to walk through every door I walked through, and to have other doors closed on me quite often.  It was the way it was all supposed to unfold, even though at times I loudly questioned God.

What about those kids of mine who ended up living in RTCs?  Right doors once again.  I firmly, deeply believe that with every ounce of my soul.  I got wind yesterday again of The One Who Must Control Everything getting into a fistfight there again.  I shuddered, remembering all the violence once wrought upon us all.

I can't not garden, I can't not be a vegan.

Should you follow suit?  Do as I do?

Nope.  You should do what God tells you to do, not what he told me or your mama or your neighbor.  He makes it right clear, I'd say.  What's He telling me nowadays?  To persevere. To keep on getting up every day and do the same boring chores because they've gotta get done.

Just because it isn't always fun, doesn't mean it doesn't need doing.

Both the wrestling team, which in our family is JoJo and Scotty, had to be up at the high school last night, as did Sabrina's cheer leading team, to work the Silent Auction.  A couple of the moms, Nancy and Carol, work their butts off for this event.  I'm so glad it's not my duty, I'd crap it up, I'd be so disinterested in the whole affair, just as my life with 39 kids or my endless weeding would bore the tar out of other people.

Again, this is how God uses folks, in ways that are particularly suited to them.  Sarah's old youth group used to sing a song in choir about, "Please Don't Send Me To Africa," in regards to following after God, tongue-in-cheek of course.

Yesterday Chuy turned 17, Mayra is 19 today, Alex turned 23, Sarah's hitting 39, and Tabby's 10 this week.  Tabby wanted an older generation I-Touch for games and music, which I found on Amazon, it arrived this weekend so she's had a blast setting it up.   This Amazon Prime is working out for us so far, I also got her a case and headphones, free shipping, and it gets here fast.  And I don't have to drag my disinterested butt to town to shop.

"Ya like it?" I asked her after she worked all day long adding games and apps.

"No," she said seriously.

What the heck?  I whirled to look at her questioningly.

"I love it!" she exclaimed with more'n one exclamation mark.

Sarah's Dad and I, in an unusual show of cooperation, no, not really, after 40 something years we've worked out our friendship in a really great way, we pooled resources to help her homeschooling efforts for her birthday.  She's doing a bang-up job, making great readers out of her kids, which to us is paramount.  If one can read, if one loves to read, one has a world of opportunities before them, plus a love of lifelong learning.  Readers are Leaders.