Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Vacation

12 kids ages 10-18, plus Grandma and I, in a 2004 15 passenger van, driving 500 miles for beach time this past week.

Either one must make all arrangements exceedingly early to hammer out some great deals or book it all last minute in the faint hope that the accommodations clerks are desperately awaiting our business.

I did it early, unwilling and unable to take risky financial chances.

Lily and I went on major beach walks for hours, the kids swam, played ping pong and shot pool on the outside lawn where there's also a fire pit each evening, and we all just had a wonderful time. Just what we needed.

Tickets purchased for last years trip were still viable again at Busch Gardens further cutting our expenses.

We packed and brought groceries with us and went to Subway last night for a big splurge.

It was all just very, very nice, its been warm and lovely here at St Pete Beach, Florida, and I feel well-rested, happy, and peaceful.

I just feel like a real human when I'm able to be bare feet, toes in the sand or in the water, wearing a bathing suit, feeling the warm sun on me. It's so healing and I've so needed to feel I un-rattled.