Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cleaning and Bored

I didn't put that sofa there, my boys moved it closer to that TV.  Behind the other sofa is No Man's Land, Mom's plant place, no roughhousing ever allowed back there.  Why is a kitchen chair in the family room?

A boring, all dern day housecleaning job.  The kids had helped me out the day before, but it still took me all dadgum day to reach any modicum of satisfaction.

We've eliminated so much, me desperately needing clean lines, no clutter, less furniture, indeed these past three days have witnessed another dozen boxes of books leaving our home headed to Goodwill, now there's a reverse image for a family like ours, isn't it?  But really?  Why do I still have vegetarian cookbooks that I never refer to?

I also took the drastic step of recycling my old Organic Gardening and Horticulture magazines.  Why do I even still subscribe to them?  Every iota of information I could ever need is readily accessible via one's phone, or one's laptop.

I aspire to empty spaces.  Less of everything...except plants.  Instead of being an eccentric old cat lady, I'll focus on plants.

Sarah's BFF, Beth, crossed the finish line in the top 20% of runners on MLK Day around here, Hazel and Beth's son running out to hold her hand as she crossed the finish line, getting their picture made for our local newspaper.  Beth was in the youth group with Sarah a hundred years ago.  Yes, this is what a cold snap in Georgia looks like, some folks wear long sleeves.

Moving on around here, a little subdued, recovering from trauma isn't entirely possible when trauma pops up unexpectedly, but, hey, isn't that the nature of trauma?

I've taken two forward steps in my own self-care realm, me with a serious case of White Coat Fever, (doctor visit anxiety) yet I'd purchased some super inexpensive B-12 shots from Groupon, 15 for $59 versus nearly $50 each at my osteopathic physician's office.

I also did the fasting lab work yesterday, not eating for nearly 24 hours except for my pot of black coffee.  I'll have the results back next month.  I just wanna be one of those past middle-aged women not lining up pill bottles in my kitchen, having to regulate every bodily function via chemicals.  A lifetime love of fruits and vegetables has paid off for me in a big way, as I don't take any heart or high blood pressure meds so far.

I attribute that love to my mom who always made sure fruits and vegetables dominated our plates.

Medical care issues such as physician error, or adverse effects from drugs or surgery, according to JAMA, accounts for a number 3 position in leading causes of death in America right behind cancer and heart problems.  Oh My

My White Coat Fever is a real thing apparently.

We're in a Georgia cold snap.  It sucks.  My fingers hurt and so do my bones.  I need green leaves on the trees but at least my daffodils are blooming, giving me immense hope.

I'm as standoffish as my kids, this I know, but as Sarah and my Pastor Tony put it to me recently, "I know you're tired of explaining the Bodies," and I am that.  Weary of translating their issues, and not liking changes, as it so negatively affects my kids, I just wanna scurry around here at home, getting things done, and shutting out the rest of the world.

Tony, Elizabeth and Michael - three people I haven't shut out, three people who haven't dumped me for being so reclusive- texting encouragement yesterday.  I don't mean to shut others out, I'm just slap wiped out my own self.

Emily C and Emily B - other trustworthy folks who care about my kids no matter what.  Emily B has spent 20+ years showing my Yolie how to be an awesome caseworker by example, always being there for families - this combined with Yolie's innate comprehension of her role is way, way past impressive.  Tabby's gonna emulate Emily C, "I wanna be just like Miz Carr," she exclaims, as she plays school with my grandchildren.

The kids ate Mega Nachos for dinner last night, piled high, dripping with Pepper Jack Cheese and enough frijoles from scratch to fuel a gas chamber.  I don't miss the cheese, I had guacamole and salsa from my garden.  I had bought Lily some vegan cheese that she likes, I just find myself not missing it like I thought I would.

Enough dillydallying, I have another busy day ahead for me today.  My three grandbabies, raised from sctratch here at home, nurured, bonded, and loving.  I'm so blessed by their presence.  CW, job hunting in earnest, wanting to buy a car, "Mom, maybe you should accept a reality TV offer?' he broached with me, thinking the profits would buy him a hot rod.

Nope, God has never ever given me the go ahead about that, I've never felt impressed upon to do so, never led that way at all, if anything I find it repugnant and it repels me.  We do not need any TV producers stirring up drama and conflict to raise their own ratings and revenue.  We need counseling, resources, progress and forward momentum that's come about honestly and with our own positive efforts.