Sunday, April 07, 2013

G-Day Game Fun

Everything's coming up roses for this married couple.  Curtis and Marcela's daughter, Marrissa, got one of the 45 coveted Pre-K spots for next year, they'd refinanced their house, not out of necessity, but from a good judgement call, reducing their interest rate and time in which to pay it all off, and, so importantly, making it to the G-Day Game yesterday.

I showed myself to be a fair weather sucky Braves fan, getting irked with them when it was 5-1 in favor of the Cubs, me actually yelling at the TV, "You're gonna lose to the Cubs?"

Daniel's set my phone to alert me both to the game start time and to the final score of each game.  Imagine how loudly I yelled, after disgustedly switching channels, only to later learn that the Braves had won 6-5.

I went ahead and planted my heirloom variety of Abe Lincoln tomato plants in the ground, if I lose them to a late frost, then so be it.  I was itching to plant something.

Daniel'd sat on my garden scooter as I weeded, keeping me company, and witnessing the results of my Cyclothymic Disordered one provoking another teenager into tears of rage.  He'd slung down a plate in my garden, refused to pick it up, and stormed off in tears.

I'd a heap sight rather have someone cry than to aggressively rage, crying does release frustration, and as such I disengaged, not wanting it all to escalate, as I knew the upset one had to potential the flatten the older one who takes great delight in provocation, often reaching down deep into one's insecurities, upping the ante, pushing dangerous buttons, and thus the potential for violence.

Daniel ended up advising one of them and having a deeper conversation with the other, who'd shown pretty good restraint.  At 203 pounds, not quite 15 years old, he's gonna be a really big kid.

I'd spent the morning with Tracy, Lisa and Susan, longtime friends, as we cleaned out Lisa and Susan's mother's house, she'd passed away in December. Chuy, Allen and Scotty lending us their much needed muscles, we got about 7 truckloads of furniture moved.  I flew back to my house to grab Grandma, drop off the big boys, and get to Ray's adorable performance, each time he came offstage he'd high five Nando and Scotty, all proud of himself, glad to have two older uncles there watching him.

A super busy day, we've already been to church this morning, and I have an event soon that I need to get moving towards, but first some freshly cut, steamed Swiss Chard awaits me, drenched in Balsamic vinegar and sea salt, just picked yesterday from the greenhouse floor where it had grown all winter.

Today Cristy turns 36.  Oh my, I was her age when i adopted her sibling group of four, plus I already had four children.  I sure had no clue what was up ahead, just as I still don't know what I'm gonna encounter each day - no matter how much I plan and prepare.  Happy Birthday Cristy!