Monday, June 17, 2013

Felling A Tree

Much to my astonishment, Allen, JoJo and Scotty came outside to see if I needed help after church yesterday, felling a large tree that was blocking sunlight to my original blueberry beds, it predictably fell the wrong way, and the boys looked over at me quickly to see if I noticed.  Um, how could I not notice a 50 tree down?

I'd glanced down at my phone, while waiting, and was reading the sweetest wall post from Jesse, I teared up hard, I'd been on the verge all day, missing my Dad, but feeling guilty about crying when my kids never had a dad to cry about in the first place.  I was blessed for more'n half a century with my dad.

My three sons stared at me, stricken.  Mom's crying about the tree flop?

I read it aloud to them, Allen immediately upping his anxiety level, "I love you, Mom," he shouted, which in his world demands an immediate response.  He ain't Edgar's birth brother for nothing.

Oh my.  We all got back to work while I thought about what a dream son Jesse is to me.  I'd been texting his beautiful wife, Lena, at the same time while she told me about a Mama Bear episode in which she won, getting the exact right care for their son, Isaiah.  That makes her my hero, she and Jesse are in one accord, making Isaiah their priority, both working their butts off like parents are supposed to do.  I'm super proud of their sweet family.

Just as he and Daniel often try and give me the credit, I just can't take it because if it were only my love, commitment and guidance, then wouldn't all of my kids have turned out as great as them?  See, it's on them to turn out well.  I showed 'em all how, they can choose to reject everything, use what they like, or absorb as much as is possible, not just from me, but from all the help and resources we've had along the way.

Elizabeth had put together this collage of her sweet husband, Brian, with some of my kids at youth group activities, we also have Michael, and we have had excellently wonderful youth pastors, every single one of them over the years, pouring themselves out into my kids.  I really like the picture of him hugging a much younger, sweeter, JoJo.

The elementary school guidance counselor, Beth, had matched up Tabby and Nando with full scholarships to Winshape Camp this week, $187 per kid, what a blessing for us.  They were both super excited about it, I believe we have VBS next week at our church.

Sarah's been with her own Dad all week long, with her half siblings, beach time and cousin time for Ray and Hazel.

And Facebook again put me with folks from my earliest childhood memories yesterday.  At my Dad's first church in which he'd taken the helm, I was barely one year old, my brother Gary soon to be born, my mom's dear girl friends Connie and Merle, had Alison, Joanie, Toni and Nancy, respectively - my first friends ever in the sandbox and Sunday School.  I got to speak with three out of four of them yesterday via Facebook  - how cool is that?  Mom was with Joanie, Toni and Nancy yesterday in Norfolk.  My mom is the last of those three original friends still living.

I was a year old when I met Alison and Joanie.  One year old.  58 years ago, my mom sat and drank coffee in the parsonage kitchen with her friends, 58 years later we use the computer for updates.  Who saw that coming?  Not me.

Toni told me she'd been reading my blog off and on for years which surprised me.  I'm guessing Dad had told her about it because my mom's only been reading it since Dad passed away.