Sunday, September 29, 2013

Coach Richt For President 2016

Some of y'all have been reading my blog since before Hazel was born, she's six now, and I deeply appreciate everyone's prayers, support, commiseration, and that y'all show up each day to read what I've written, you're my motivation.  Thank you all so much.

I'm super glad I don't give a crap about my right to own a gun, I've made it 59 years without one, through intensively dangerous years, I just don't buy into the self-protection mode, I don't believe anyone could guarantee getting to a gun in time, nor do I think the thought of owning a gun is a good one at all for me, considering I live with zero impulse control kids.  This article made me even happier not to own a firearm.

I'm grateful that I don't drink alcohol nor sodas, that I don't eat meat, but I wish I could completely give up sugar, I'm getting close, but I'd knock your mama down for a piece of Sarah's vegan mint chocolate chip cake.

I'm also happy to be 59, having released myself from the ridiculous self-imposed bondage that society encourages us to take upon ourselves, comparing what we have to others, or the stress of trying to look prosperous, or whatever, I'm happy that I can entertain myself all the time, heck there's not enough hours in any of my days to get it all done, I'm not feeling any need to seek out the company of anyone.  Now, that's  emotional freedom for an ole pooter like me.

However, at Hazel's birthday party yesterday, I did totally enjoy being with people, a low key affair with Hazels's friends' parents, all from her home school group, our family, or church. I stayed later with a couple from church and it was just Pure T fun.  It just was, especially after this rather difficult week.  I do not like to cry, and I've cried my eyeballs swollen.

I've stayed off Facebook all week too, not wanting company even via the computer screen route, I don't have FB connected to my phone, because I'm afraid I'd stay too long at that party, not get done what I need to get done everyday, but I'd watched the second half of the UGA-LSU football game while on FB, enjoying everyone's comments.

Sarah's vegan cake recipe picture sparked a witty exchange with she and Dee, versus a high school friend from way back when of Sarah's, veganism is just as polarizing as gun control issues I'm learning.

I know I'm annoyingly rabid on the subject, my deeply held beliefs going against our society in about a thousand ways, but I stand firm for myself, not forcing my kids to be vegan or vegetarian, it's everyone's own personal choice, but I'm finding myself falling deeper and deeper into a million percent conviction for me, and for me, only.

Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame was at UGA yesterday, he's LSU material and an animal hunter - yet I still respect his freedom to be so.  Every UGA home game guarantees a Daniel-and-Megan appearance, two people who always make me smile.

Homecoming Dance last night, Lily and her date, plus Scotty and his date, an older girl who has a car, both Lily and Scotty had more fun at Sarah's house for Hazel's afternoon bonfire party than they did getting dressed up for a social function.  That's kind of what I mean about expectations of society.  When I was their age I did not ever buy into the thought that prom or any high school dance would be fun.  I dated plenty, yet chose guys - which is likely just about every guy on earth - who'd rather hang out at the beach, or do anything else, and I truly have no regrets.

You just can't properly dress me up and expect me to have fun like that, it is not in my DNA.  I didn't even go to my own high school graduation, nor any college degree graduation ceremonies, and I earned several post-grad degrees as well.  Ceremonial stuff makes me squirm, itch, and break a boring stink sweat of ennui.  Seriously, folks, I'd rather be weeding.  I also do not regret not going to any of my own events.  I do, however, go to those of my children and grandchildren.

We've been on a tomatillo salsa tear, making quart after quart, the kids like tortilla chips, but I find the chips fill me up too fast and then I don't enjoy the salsa, so I've taken to drinking it by the quart - tomatillos, jalapenos, onions, garlic, cumin and cilantro - it's to die for, seriously.  Why do folks smoke crack?  This is what I find addicting.  Matter of fact, I believe I'll guzzle a quart before church this morning, it's filling, delicious, intoxicating with its aroma, and super good for you.  I rarely get sick, my immune system is as strong as an ox due to my diet.

Tony worked ten long hours at that farm, it has a petting zoo, a corn maze and other activities.  "Those goats were Junebug bad," he stressed, using a very apt descriptor.  Our silly dog, Junebug, is a handful of energy, spunk and attitude.  I'm proud of Tony and, of course, I let him know.

And stop reading here if my mongo vegan stance is offensive.  I'm on several inflammatory Facebook vegan groups, and this picture below really spoke deep within my heart.  If everyone would read The China Study, everyone would comprehend the damage that our Standard American Diet (SAD) is doing to our hearts and bodies.

 I kind of doubt there are many overweight vegans, but just look at who's going into fast food restaurants to eat substandard meats.  If I were a meat eater, it'd be a grass fed cow, or a hunted deer.  I'd take responsibility for gathering my meat.  Even those words sound weird coming out of my veggie stuffed mouth.

Tonight I'm either making a tofu eggplant dish or I'm gonna stuff huge colorful bell peppers with a tofu-rice-onion mixture, topped with tomato sauce and I double dawg guarantee y'all that you'd knock me down to get to it first.

Again, click away now because this photo might be offensive, I truly believe that my God has held me to this feeling.  Me, I'm only talking about me .  This is my own deeply held conviction, not y'all's, seriously just mine.