Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Lovely Daughters & Diana Nyad's Feat

Hard to believe, pretty Mayra's now almost 20 years old, pictured here last night with my lovely Vanessa, her birth sister, who's in her 20s already.  Vanessa was a handful to raise, kicked out of school daily for fighting for quite a spell, now still ornery, lovely and funny.  Her nickname back then was Viper Girl, and others scattered when she entered a room as she was known for lashing out.

See how beautiful Mayra is without any make-up?  Something I've always preached around here, ironically Mayra's now doing other women's make-up for a money earning job, likely those women just wanna look like Mayra, Good luck with that, Ladies.

Also hard to drag teenagers out of bed after a delightful Labor Day weekend in which we never did get to the dollar theater, but flush with my retirement check, I ordered 8 large pizzas.  As a vegan and a non-fast food eater, I chose to pick purple bell peppers and homegrown tomatoes, added sunflower seeds, croutons, wheat germ, and Balsamic vinegar for a massive salad.  "So,"  Jack paused, "You buy for us what you're not even gonna eat?"

Honey, that's what a Mom does.  I don't drink milk, nor eat cheese, but I make sure the refrigerator is always full of such, although I'm sneakily pushing everyone into enjoying almond milk, and slowly lessening up on their dairy.

We have some dry air coming in from the north, reducing the swampy jungle atmosphere which will help my unimpressive jalapeno peppers to fill out, I've only put up a couple of quarts of Fire Hot Pepper Sauce, so wet has it been, so dang cool for Georgia.

I've always admired folks who push their limits, I was super excited yesterday about Diana Nyad finally completing her goal at age 64, swimming from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida.  To have managed to stay awake for 50 plus hours is about twice as long as I'd have been able to do, and then add swimming constantly nonstop.  On every level, such an impressive feat.

She's 64.  64 years old.  Most of her peer group is now avoiding stairs and taking cholesterol medications, not swimming over a hundred miles.  She captured my attention in the 1970s as she made her first attempt, later swimming around Manhattan.  It was a heady time then, as women were being able to do so much more than in previous decades.

This morning on the news, Nyad stated that many folks her age have mentioned aloud how much stronger emotionally they are now, than when they were n their 20s.  I so agree.  This last decade has been very tough within my family, I'd certainly not have been emotionally strong enough to endure all this when I was younger and physically stronger, my perspective nowadays is very different in that I know, this too will pass, we will get through, and that I'm doing exactly what I was called to do, what I'm supposed to do.  Who God calls, He will equip.

Those were some very scary times for my family, and my feat - that of raising 39 fun, boisterous, and challenging children pales quickly in comparison to major athletic endeavors that get world attention.  But, and this is a very big but, this, my family, is exactly what I was supposed to be doing.  I do not need attention, I can't bear the ridiculous brainless criticism that come with media attention, as the haters and those that are jealous sling ugly barbs and personal attacks.  No, thank you.  I'd be crying in my granola.

I've heard some of the stupidest remarks about my family here on a local level, I'm afraid I might just finally explode at facing any more ignorance from folks who'd never ever dare and try to sleep with one eye open for years on end, nor wash dishes ad nauseum, or any of the other billion monotonous chores I must do each day just to get by.  Kiss my big fat butt, I don't ever scream, because God never gave me permission to do so, and I'm right dependent upon His approval and guidance, His strength and wisdom, which is how I get through each day. He's got His hands full just keeping my mouth censored properly.

Thank you Lord for the Bible, I sure wish you'd also email me directions each morning if you feel so inclined...

I don't judge you if you're not a believer, don't judge me for being one.  I also don't know how to advise those who aren't believers.  I also don't give much advice outside of my family, but I've lent many a listening ear.  Isn't it funny how you might pour it all out in an email to me, and then immediately come up with your own solution before you finish typing?  That's why I blog - a mongo processing tool it so is for me.

I'm a loud volume human being, but I'm one who desires solitude and reclusiveness.  This family raising suits my nature; my bossiness, my organizational skills, and my particular endurance level.

So what if my name is not in lights?  That wasn't ever my desire.  Seeing my kids succeed is what I crave, seeing them break the generational dysfunction, and watching them raise lovely children successfully is my happy goal.

I do have guts, but no glory, and I'm seriously good with that.  I'm proud of my own self - and so's my Mom, I hope God is proud - what more could a hermit desire?

I get a huge amount of 'atta girl' from many of you, your emails have been phenomenally complimentary and supportive, encouraging and profound, and I know I'm usually saying what you're either thinking or enduring at the moment.  I've had enormous emotional support here from friends and family, and I wanna pass a little bit of it along to y'all, because I do know your struggles, I've been there and done that, some of y'all have been through more than I have, some of y'all's stories scare me, but hey, we're in this crazy trench and are plowing forwards as I again mix metaphors and butcher the English language as Southerners are long known to do.

And, Diana Nyad, I can't wipe this silly grin off of my face as I so deeply admire that which you ahve accomplished at age 64.