Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Checking His Heart Rate

My Bubbas - now grown up so much at nearly 17, 18 and 20.  Sniff, sniff, they've been a fun bunch of boys.

At about the fourth quarter buzzer in Nando's basketball game, JoJo stood up and yelled, "Does anyone else keep hearing that or is it just me?"

I can't help myself, I always crack up that he has no shame, shame's not even the right word, he'll do just about anything for a laugh.

It was a good game, only the second one they've won, my sons and I yelling loudly for the entire team.

I'd complimented the mom of the kid who'd scored the most, she'd been in youth group with Sarah way back when, prompting JoJo to exclaim loudly, "Do you know every Grandma in this county?"

I use the words, holler, yell or bellow a great deal as we are a very loud family, boisterous might be a better word.  Michael had given the boys a combination game table, and can someone tell me why even checkers requires one to bellow?

It just because that's apparently how rambunctious teenage boys communicate with each other.

I'm loud too.

We don't scream at each other, I shut down hostility the minute I ever see it raring its ugly head, but our volume buttons are broken certainly.  Way back in middle school, Yolie'd only been my daughter for a year or two, her teacher asked me if she had a hearing problem.

I stared back uncomprehendingly.  "She's sooooooo loud," the math teacher explained to me.  That was when I did indeed notice that we are an overly expressive family.  Feelings are not suppressed, but expressed, spewed at times, always valued, how do you really feel?

Sunday when I was working alone in the Upper Gardens, I'd heard what sounded like a dang missile through the woods, and I hollered for CW to double check I wasn't hearing things, but he had on headphones down at the wood chip pile and he couldn't hear me, but five dogs had jumped up all alarmed to prove I wasn't hallucinating.

Whatever, I never did get to the bottom of it.

I planted a tray of tomatillo seedlings yesterday, two more trays, 72 compartments each of other tomato varieties.  Yes, I over-plant, but I lose plants due to blight or drought or deer.

I generally plant about 15 trays which equals 1,080 plants to get into the ground, plus all the seeds that are directly planted into the ground, thousands more of cole crops, cucumbers, squash and others.  Last year I had a 100% failure rate from marigold seeds I'd saved, I'm gonna try again this season, undaunted and equally unsure as to what the issue might be in the no germination of carefully saved flower heads.

Driving a teenager today 55 miles each way to every other week therapy plus the weekly horseback riding therapy for this one and another, so worth it, but it shoots my day to pieces.  The price to pay for sound mental health, I'm in, I'm on board, just tell me what to do. Again, mamas, please access therapy.

Yesterday Fa Cat demurred about being a trauma  mama, her kid(s) with other issues, and I know there are so many, many other challenges facing everyone.  I type without thinking quite often, my verbal dump spewing forth, all mamas face something, all women face issues, so do men, but I don't necessarily write for them, as I've never understood one in my life basically.  Just kidding, I try and comprehend my sons and their stuff.  But back to men?  Unless they are baseball fans or gardeners/farmers, what's there to discuss?

CW's turn in his health care class to bring home a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff, pretending to be a paramedic, asking the calm questions one would ask an injured person, wisely choosing Martin over JoJo as the patient.  He'd have had to 10-13 JoJo.

"Check me?" I'd suggested, as if my heart rate wouldn't bust through my skin after such an exciting game?  "Nope," he responded, choosing the even-keeled Martin, his BFF brother for life.

Speaking of a wild one, I've been told he doesn't want to take meds anymore as they hinder his appetite.  "But how will you concentrate, or focus, in school? I asked.  Oh Lord have mercy, some teachers are gonna be calling me soon.

"I dunno.  Just let me try please," he beseeched me.

Well, ok, but I have reservations.  He'd once been on different meds for aggression issues, long since shut of those, as he'd improved greatly over the years.  Even with focus meds his grades consistently tank, maybe we are wasting his liver health on unnecessary medications.

I can't force him anyway, nor should I.  His cooperation is the only way to make things succeed in any fashion,  I need to respect his opinion here.

"Is Gary going to be in Russia?"  Jack asked last night, in reference to the Olympics, knowing Gary still consults.

"No, thank God," I'd answered yesterday, selfishly not wanting to stress or fret over anything else like terrorists, or the other complaints, I'm seeing on the news this morning.

A great deal of my readers have stressed a gluten free diet, one that hasn't been on my radar as I don't have gluten issues, if anything I crave carbs, but unrefined ones always.  One of my nutrition heroes said it best here - and no, I don't think those of you with gluten issues should eat gluten.  This only explains my own dietary choices.

I'd also recently set out to eliminate sugar from my diet, I've hugely reduced my consumption of it, but the more I read, the more determined I've become to not allow refined sugar in my diet.

Thumbs down to the New York police response for putting so much effort into finding the drug dealer that sold heroin to an actor.  Sure find that dealer, but please don't act as if other junkies dying hasn't been as important.  Those other junkies are also someone's fathers, mothers, kids and relatives with grieving folks left behind.

Thumbs up to CVS, ditching billions in sales revenue by not selling cigarettes anymore.  Way to go folks!  It never even dawned on me how stupid it is/was to sell cigarettes in a store with a pharmacy that purports to help improve one's health via medications.

Sometimes my head is so up in the clouds as I walk around thinking how to best tend to my family, sometimes I don't even see the irony or the conflicting issues.  I only use the Kroger Pharmacy here because I adore the pharmacist, Kevin who'd gone to high school with Sarah, and his entire super nice, patient and helpful staff.

But Kroger sells cigarettes, should I change to CVS?  I'm gonna say no, because Kroger sells meat and processed foods and everything else that's gonna take people out prematurely, CVS sells sodas and junk food.  This isn't a perfect world, but I highly respect CVS for taking a stand.